Jane, Emily and Me: Finding your spirit through the practice of reading

Words by Emily Fuller My affinity for reading presented itself from a very early age. I was always entranced by the literary gateways that would open up before me, offering passage into another world of the fiction and the fantastic. I would run, jump and swim through words to escape a reality of my own, […]

Book Review: Small Acts of Disappearance: Essays on Hunger by Fiona Wright

Review by Elaine Mead I’ve seen Fiona Wright speak twice on festival panels, once at the Feminist Writers Festival in Sydney last year, and earlier this year at Perth Writers Week. She has a lovely stage presence, a sharp sense of humour and a way of delivering her insights that belies their depth. She is […]

The art of travel & the difficulty of being ‘in the moment’

Words by Elaine Mead “The pleasure we derive from journeys is perhaps dependent more on the mindset with which we travel than on the destination we travel to.”  – Alain de Botton There are many experiences in life where society tells us we are supposed to feel certain things or react in certain ways. There […]

The Kindness Delusion: How compassion is incorrectly mistaken for weakness

Words by Emily Fuller Why is the practice of kindness and compassion opposed to being a pushover? I instinctively jerk away from the labels and connotations continually hurled at me relating to my kindness, refusing to comply to this negative stigma. Be careful, someone will take advantage of you if you don’t show more dominance. […]