Jane, Emily and Me: Finding your spirit through the practice of reading

Words by Emily Fuller My affinity for reading presented itself from a very early age. I was always entranced by the literary gateways that would open up before me, offering passage into another world of the fiction and the fantastic. I would run, jump and swim through words to escape a reality of my own, […]

Book Review: Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams

Review by Emily Fuller “I wished that well-meaning white liberals would think before they said things that they thought were perfectly innocent.”  Queenie Jenkins is a 25 year-old Jamaican-British woman living in the hustle and bustle of London, walking a fine line between two cultures and yet never seeming to find her sense of place […]

When Long Distance Manifests: The challenge of love on foreign lands

Words by Elaine Mead Our life narratives are shaped by many things. From the small incidences that teach us some of the more difficult lessons of life, to the missed opportunities, the grand gestures, and the deep dives into the unknown. Sometimes a feeling carves itself out inside us and it sits there. Beating. Waiting. […]

The Kindness Delusion: How compassion is incorrectly mistaken for weakness

Words by Emily Fuller Why is the practice of kindness and compassion opposed to being a pushover? I instinctively jerk away from the labels and connotations continually hurled at me relating to my kindness, refusing to comply to this negative stigma. Be careful, someone will take advantage of you if you don’t show more dominance. […]

Planting New Seeds: The importance of self-love when travelling

Words by Emily Fuller Getting off the plane at London Gatwick Airport, going through the standard motions of collecting my baggage. I suddenly became aware of the oddity of the fusion of various emotions – I could sense the adrenaline of excitement and wonder, being combatted by a thickness of dread and exhaustion. Looming over […]