Painting Spirituality: An Interview with HeadlessJess

Interview by Emily Fuller Art is such a dynamic practice, which presents itself with various versatile mediums. A lot of people often view art as being represented through prints and canvases, of all shapes and sizes. However, art forms like painting and drawing can be exhibited in an array of different formats – each bringing […]

A Degree of Worldliness: Why studying an arts degree is still integral today

Words by Emily Fuller As many of you already know, by studying an arts degree you become the target for endless backhanded comments and judgments about your future. You grow not only immune – deflecting every negative comment off your hardened exterior, but also expectant of the too familiar looks of disapproval that are painted […]

The Girl Behind the Camera Lens: Gabrielle Clement

Interview by Gabbie Lynch and Emily Fuller Small, but mighty. That’s how we would describe Gabrielle Clement, a live music photographer from Newcastle, Australia. Usually she’s found behind the camera lens, capturing musicians as they whiz across the stage, but we thought we’d turn things around and shine the spotlight on this groovy photographer. Newy […]