I am not your storage container: In light of Alabama’s law changes of abortion rights

Words by Emily Fuller I am sure most of you know why I am sitting here, with the backlight of a blank screen not at all assisting me in articulating the language I need in response to the of livelihood of those requiring the access to abortion after last week. I feel desperate and devastated […]

The Trope of the Mad Genius: Romanticising Mental Health in Art

Words by Emily Fuller Most of you have stumbled across the label of the ‘mad genius’. A historic plethora of writers, painters, sculptors and filmmakers alike have been sealed, stamped and delivered as this dangerously marvellous package of unhinged creativity and cleverness. In popular culture, an artist’s mental health is a measurement of their creative […]

The Expensive Double-Edged Sword: Pursuing Meaning in a Consumerist World

Words by Emily Fuller I am no stranger to the trap of consumerism, and all of its promise of romance and glimmer for your life. From so early, we are taught that in order to attain happiness and contentment we must be in pursuit of the endless array of products that are marketed tantalisingly before […]

The art of travel & the difficulty of being ‘in the moment’

Words by Elaine Mead “The pleasure we derive from journeys is perhaps dependent more on the mindset with which we travel than on the destination we travel to.”  – Alain de Botton There are many experiences in life where society tells us we are supposed to feel certain things or react in certain ways. There […]

The Kindness Delusion: How compassion is incorrectly mistaken for weakness

Words by Emily Fuller Why is the practice of kindness and compassion opposed to being a pushover? I instinctively jerk away from the labels and connotations continually hurled at me relating to my kindness, refusing to comply to this negative stigma. Be careful, someone will take advantage of you if you don’t show more dominance. […]

A Delicious Union: How travelling influences your love for food and culture

Words by Emily Fuller Food – what a practical contradiction it can be. Yes, in it’s frankest form, it is a human necessity, one in which we rely on for basic survival. Yet, the conceptions surrounding food create a melting pot of so many other cultural, social and philosophical complexities of which we often struggle […]

Planting New Seeds: The importance of self-love when travelling

Words by Emily Fuller Getting off the plane at London Gatwick Airport, going through the standard motions of collecting my baggage. I suddenly became aware of the oddity of the fusion of various emotions – I could sense the adrenaline of excitement and wonder, being combatted by a thickness of dread and exhaustion. Looming over […]