Who are we: We’re Em and Gab, and we are the  brainy brains behind The Banksia Woman. We both grew up in Singleton NSW, a country town in the Hunter Valley. We didn’t meet however, until we both found ourselves at the same high school in Newcastle – a large coastal city 2 hours north of Sydney. Now at 23, we are both studying English Literature at University. Coming from similar backgrounds, we share a strong love and appreciation for the Australian environment – the flora, the fauna, the coast and the country. We decided it was time for a celebration of this beautiful land, through the eyes of the diverse and creative people who live here. And so, The Banksia Woman was born.

Em                                                  Gab

The idea behind The Banksia WomanAh, the beloved coffee shop – where all great ideas are born. Yep, the idea for The Banksia Woman came as we were sitting in a café, sipping coffee, discussing the Banksia print dress that Gab was wearing. This dress sparked a conversation about the beauty of Australian flora – the unusual shapes, the intense colours, the rawness. Australian flora can survive the most brutal environmental conditions and not only does it survive, it thrives. This is essentially the idea behind The Banksia Woman. We have created a space where we celebrate our uniqueness, our diversity and where we can empower each other, even in the toughest environments. Here, we celebrate the identity of Australians in the 21st century – our multiculturalism, our creativity and our love for adventure. Everyone is welcome to have a say and voice their thoughts. This is the place to do so.


Elaine Mead


Elaine is a sometimes writer and often overcaffeinated human being. Her words have appeared on Darling, Feminartsy and Ramona for Girls, and a few places in-between. She’s delighted to be a regular contributor for The Banksia Woman and the wonderful community the site promotes. You can follow her on Instagram, @cestelaine, and find more words on coffeeandbooks.co


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