Album Review: Greta Stanley

By Emily Fuller

Stepping into adulthood is a transition that a lot of us see as being incredibly daunting and unnerving. We hopelessly navigate our way through our early twenties, overcoming many hardships and struggles along a significantly broad spectrum – dealing with matters of young love, new relationships, uncertainty, heartbreak, and loss. It seems like Greta Stanley is an artist that knows this all too well, as her music essentially represents an empathetic and eloquent ode to young adulthood and the experiences that accompany it.

Stanley’s debut album Full Grown quickly proved to be a solid follow-up from the pensive vibes of her 2015 EP Bedroom City. Thematically, Full Grown materialises itself with the most lyrical of poetry, as Stanley familiarises us with the trials and tribulations of what it means to embark on our journey into young adulthood. Whilst her album is predominantly enriched with the more realistic and darker home truths of this stage in our life, she also stresses that life can also be euphorically beautiful, if we are willing to stop and value it for what it is.

For those who are unfamiliar with Greta Stanley, her music takes on an illusory alternative feel – deeply embodying the lyricism of bands like Daughter whilst echoing sounds like that of Sarah Blasko or Emma Louise. The most captivating element of this album would undoubtedly be Stanley’s vocals, as her etherealness floats in and out of the tracks, locking you into a dream-like trance almost instantaneously.

From the get-go of track one, “Drunk Dreams” completely draws you in, as this track definitely illustrates Greta’s ability for fluency through her stark transitioning of tone and pace. Following on, “Heavy Heat” and “Dreamstate” desperately tug at the heartstrings – forcing us into a state of reflection of the heartbreak, grief and loss many of us have endured when it comes to experiencing first love. The album reaches a paramount of angst with “After Dark” and “Taking Time”, as both seem to ooze with an assured sense of rebelliousness. Reaching its climax, we stumble upon “When January Comes” – a track that I couldn’t help but fall in love with immediately from the first listen. This particular track is the definitive turning point of the lyrical content, radiating nothing but hope, beauty and wonder.

All in all, Full Grown was an absolute highlight for me in 2017, allowing me to connect with it on a profoundly emotional level. The tracks compliment each other, with each track entwining and melting together with seamless fluidity. The full album is accessible of Spotify, so go forth and immerse yourself in this dreamy little treasure of a musical masterpiece.

Rating: 5/5

Highlight track: Burden for Certain

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