Turning an idea into Magical Earrings: RomPom

The sensation of having a ‘light bulb moment’ is an exciting one. Finally, you’ve come up with an idea or a project and you are going to invest everything into it. You can envision it so strongly in your mind that it almost seems real. And then the reality of life hits; work or uni becomes overwhelmingly and suddenly that light-bulb moment seems to fade away on the to-do list.


We’ve all been there. Creativity and imagination are powerful things and yet the older we become, the more we seem to neglect our creative passions. But creativity doesn’t have to remain in the mind of a child. Here at The Banksia Woman, we believe creativity should make the list of our priorities. So, we sat down with one very talented and creative lady who managed to turn her light bulb moment into a reality.

Janice Muller is the young and inspired creator of RomPom – a funky little business that produces some of the boldest earrings currently out there. Here’s what she had to say about pursuing the creativity that exists inside all of us.


Where did the inspiration behind these magical little creations come from?

I’m a lover of all thinks sparkly, pink and fluffy, and had a stage (which hasn’t exactly ended yet) of a pom-pom-making-obsession. In the process of experimenting all the different things that could be done with pom poms and it eventually evolved into making fluffy poms you could put on your ears!! And I fell in love, so the idea stuck.image5


Lots of people devise wonderful, creative ideas but never have the motivation to put them into practice. How did you find the motivation to move from the idea to actually making Rom Pom a reality? 

You kind of just have to be like, ‘fuck it’- and realise you have nothing to lose! It’s so easy these days with social media platforms to test out your ideas with such minimal risk. Before starting RomPom I was like, what is the worst scenario that could happen? And the answer was – It could become a shitty forgotten Instagram with 7 followers that is sitting collecting dust. Then you realise pffft I can handle that!! And go for it!!


Do you have any advice for others out there who have the ideas but cant find that extra bit of motivation to put it into practice? I feel like it’s more often fear that stops people rather than a lack of motivation- or for me at least. So you just have to have a idgaf attitude and go for it. Take one small first step, whether that be starting a blog or making an Instagram, to test the waters and go from there!


Other then make this fabulous earrings, what are your other interests? I love crafting and making things in general. I’ve also found that I really enjoy the styling and shooting of images since doing some for RomPom! And of course drinking coffee and reading magazines.


 Do you have any plans to expand RomPom? There is definitely many ideas floating around in my brain I just need to find the time in between uni to make them happen! RomPom is still pretty much as its first stage from when I ‘tested the waters’ so hopefully there will be more expansion to come. As much as I love the personal nature of Instagram as the only shopfront, I would love to add a proper RomPom website. And I’ve also always envisioned having a RomPom blog which features anything from photoshoots, to articles, to recipes etc!

To purchase these beautiful little creations, message Janice through Instagram @rompomdotcom

Art by Hannah Dunn



IG: @rompomdotcom

Art IG: @hannart.dunn




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