Album Review: Gang of Youths

Gang Of Youths

Go Farther In Lightness 

By Chad Kennedy

Gang Of Youths, originally from Sydney, have released a stunning LP that is hard-hitting and musically impressive. A triumphant follow-up to their debut album, The Positions, Go Farther In Lightness is a well balanced playlist complete with moments of joy and celebration interwoven with moments of adversity and introspection. And, whilst still acknowledging them – the album is ultimately a big, bright, neon middle finger to the hard times, sad times and bad times.

The album begins with “Fear and Trembling”, a beautiful ballad redolent of a Bruce Springsteen-like style of storytelling, which sees frontman, Dave Le’aupepe, looking back on days of old and grasping the fact that he is ageing. The song introduces many of the issues examined throughout the rest of the album. For instance, addressing the human condition in “The Deepest Sighs, The Frankest Shadows”.

In songs such as, “What Can I Do If The Fire Goes Out?”, we see the drearier side of Le’aupepe’s mind and of the album. It is a frantic and energetic questioning of faith, which, at times, seems to be precarious. However, hope shines through on the final track of the album, “Say Yes To Life” – an uplifting anthem dedicated to the depressed, the hopeless and the lost. In a way, the album acts as a reply to The Positions, showing the growth of the band – musically and personally.

Le’aupepe’s gruff voice, full of emotion and honesty, shines through his lyricism – at times it seems as though he is screaming at the world and at others like he is serenading one person. The combination of this, along with classical elements and orchestral instruments paired with wailing guitars and commanding drums creates a compelling, and beautifully sonic piece of art. This is one for the ages.

An album that will make you smile, cry and shout triumphantly, Go Farther In Lightness is an honest, emotional and melodious tribute to life – capturing all its ups and downs.

Rating: 5/5


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