Doing It In A Dress: My Fundraising Experience

By Emily Fuller

Many of you who know me or have fallen victim to my incessant social media posts in the past month will know that I am participating in a fundraising challenge called “Do It In A Dress”. Apart from the obvious fact that this challenge has forced me to relive a nostalgic experience in a crisp school dress that hangs like a sack straight off of my shoulders, my experience was so much more enlightening and rewarding than I could have ever anticipated.

First and foremost, for those of you do not know, Do It In A Dress is a flagship fundraiser orchestrated by an Australian non-profit organisation called One Girl that strives to make education universally accessible for all girls globally. Essentially, participants are encouraged to wear a school dress for the month of October to raise enough money to pay for one girl’s education for a year in Uganda or Sierra Leone.

From funny and curious looks, to direct questions asking “why”, I have received quite an array of responses from the people around me. One really significant thing this challenge has done for me, is that it has allowed me to open up the conversation about a woman’s basic right to access to education. There is something so gratifying about being able to inform people about such a global issue, in which they would have been typically naïve of previously. For me, the people that simply exhibited genuine curiosity regarding my campaign were just as important as the donators themselves.

Above all, my campaign has been a tremendous learning experience for myself and my place in the world. I cannot help but reflect on how imperative it is to remain humble and grounded whilst I’m afforded such a position of privilege and power in a world that can often be cruel, unjust and outright inhumane. It is so incredibly easy to drown in our own abyss of self-indulgence and ignorance, but it takes a certain kind of courage and compassion to be able to empathise with the broader world surrounding us. If I can offer the smallest contribution in challenging these injustices of the world, then that is my job done in promoting transformative change.

As Nelson Mandela so famously remarked: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. And so, I suppose this quote essentially sums up why this campaign is held so close to my heart. I believe it is absolutely vital for the universal right to education, as all women (and men) should not be limited to their opportunities in life. Education allows us to blossom to our full potential, which each and every one of us deserves. I will be continuing my fundraising until the end of this month, so feel free to explore my fundraising page and to donate to this wonderful cause. The link is as below:



  1. congratulations Fuller on reaching and surpassing your goal!
    What an amazing cause!
    It is truly wonderful to see organisations and individuals get behind the education of girls who are so often denied the opportunities!
    Thank you for bringing this charity to light to me and so many others!

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